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July 2009:
The Miami Vice guy made a movie about John Dillinger starring Johnny Depp. Looks like fun. Click here for more info on Public Enemies

Am I related to John Dillinger? I can't get a straight answer...
john and troy dillinger

June 2009:
Here's the 1993 reunion of BAND FROM HELL on Dave Prewitt's CapZeyeZ
Click here to watch

June 2009:
Here's a 1996 television appearance on CapZeyeZ by my band Del Dragons
Click here to watch

September, 2008:
heathens <<<Ol' "Prop Teeth" Dillinger dazzles audiences
An old acting job comes back to haunt me...
Then i discover the joy of killing in flashback sequence form...

August, 2008:
It just keeps getting cooler. The Onion did a feature on me too... Click here to read it
July 17, 2008: Me & The Mayor on the cover of the Austin Chronicle
Contrary to rumors, we are not starting a band. We might try to SaveAustinMusic though...
chron cover

read the story here

July, 2008: [austin swim] IS BACK! - Sundays @8pm
The world's only Adult Swim viewing party with music, comedy, other entertainment and a GIANT SCREEN!
...oh yeah, and there's a swimming pool...
The Tiniest Bar In Texas (5th & Lamar, behind Whole Foods)

April 10, 2008: FREE SHOW - 10:30 to MIDNIGHT
*Please come see us play at GRUV (5th & Congress)

Happy 2008: The Year Of Austin Music!
I need YOUR HELP saving Austin's music scene!

The Year Of Austin Music Banner

December 2007:
-- Come see me and the band at Momo's 12-21-07
-- Vote Dino Lee Back On MTV!

October 2007:
-- I'm back playing bass with Dino Lee after 20 years!

June 2007:
-- [austin swim] RETURNS! (but you need to live at the Metropolis Apartments...)

February 2007:
-- It's my birthday. Come celebrate at Flipnotics, Sat. Feb. 24th w. me & Jesse Sublett!