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What Happened to May?
The Film Festival wins
the Austin Chronicle's
"DVD of the Year" Award!
The Film Festival wins
the Austin Music Network's
"DVD of the Year" Award!
SXSW 2005
Film & Music Events!

To Mark Chandler & his family

I wanna party with YOU!  It's my b-day



The website is all new!!!



Happy New Year !!!

Here's hoping you have a healthy, happy, and successful 2005!

We're shopping the DVD and entering it into film festivals all over the world, getting ready for SXSW, and planning for a big year with the Festival.

Me, Taxi, Stewart & Matt are also playing every Tuesday at the Whisky Bar from 9-11pm and it's free -- come be a Hottie of the Week!!!

The website is *all new* and features:
--- a lot of new information on the Film Festival
--- Hottie of the Week & Hottie of the Month
--- A new Message Board

You'll be hearing a lot from me this year, I hope you're ready for it!


Hairy Holidays !!!

Come party with us and help us raise money for AMN!

Please have a safe and fun holiday!!!!

It's done, it's premiere time!!!

If you've been reading, I almost died twice in 2002 -- in February I rolled my van 3 times after hitting “black ice” while on tour on the West Coast, and at Christmas I was hospitalized with viral pneumonia. As 2003 began, my health was shot, I lost almost everything I owned, I was angry and depressed, and I could hardly work or perform. After about a year of scraping by, my friend Mack McNabb offered to record a CD with me as a favor. It began a revolution that coincided with the return of my health and desire to create again.

When the recording was finished, we thought we had something pretty special on our hands. Mack thought I should shoot a video for the CD, and I replied “I know enough filmmakers to shoot a short film for every song on the CD.” A meeting with AMN’s Louis Meyers showed me that I could get this done by asking small Austin businesses to trade goods and services for advertising in the short films. He offered to partner with me to get the project to the world.

Another 5 months later, I find myself sitting here attempting to explain how 10 independent filmmakers and 35 small businesses and little old me pulled this thing off. I’m not sure I can explain it, but I think we’ve done something nobody else has ever done. We did it, and we all didit with each other’s help. I tried to make sure all the directors had everything they needed, I busted my hump 18 hours a day for almost 6 months, and I put everything at my disposal into getting this DVD into your hands.

I believe that this project is more than short films, more than just videos, more than entertaining, more than just some piece of self-promotion; I hope I showed artists how to get their work out there and positively affect everyone that comes into contact with their creations.

Please enjoy our work and spread the word, we all need your support.

I'm teaming up with Austin's great film community!!!

The "Dirty & Hairy Film Festival" is a joint effort between Austin's Film & Music Communities to create 12 short films from the songs on my new CD "Dirty & Hairy". The project will be complete at the end of Summer 2004 and will be available as a DVD, shown on music television outlets, and in film festivals worldwide.

For More Info, Click Here>>>

Now you can BUY & Listen on
It's Here!!!

Listen to MP3s
ATTENTION Music Biz Folks! Click here for an advance sampler CD of "Dirty & Hairy"
Welcome to the new site! I did it myself...
If you want some of my crazy cutting-edge graphic design stuff to call your very own, take a look here.
The new CD is mixed!!
The photo shoot for the cover is scheduled and it should be a real knockout. Photographer Matthew Mahon is shooting the cover. Your input for the new CD is welcome -- and NOW is the time to do it!
SXSW Countdown --
Not confirmed yet for SXSW, if you have any pull, put in the good word, I really need YOUR help.

The new CD is being mixed!!
And it's just about done! It features the amazing production of Mack McNabb (who also played some bass, guitar, and keys on it), the fantastic drumming of Barry "Frosty" Smith, and the magical synth stylings of Bruce Salmon!!! From here, it's artwork, pressing, SXSW, and shopping it to record labels all over the world.
I need help doing this too -- wanna get involved? Click here!

Recording on the new CD is going great!
Happy Holidays!!!

Recording on the new CD begins !!
New Live Bootlegs to Listen To!!!
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I'm making a new CD, and I'll be shopping it to labels in 2004. It's a new sound and a new direction for me, I hope you'll enjoy it. It's much more influenced by noise pop, like Beck or the Flaming Lips, probably the most commercially viable thing I've ever done. Yes, I'm selling out -- my landlord asked me to...
Wanna get involved with the whole process? I'm looking for investors to team up with. Take a look here for more info.

Thanks to the fine folks at the Austin Music Network, Dudley, Bob, and Angela at KLBJ, and Kevin & Kevin at KGSR for supporting the CD release. We played a mighty gig at Ruta Maya on the second anniversary of 9/11 and it was a fine last gig at Ruta Maya. Listen to the bootleg here. We started a weekly gig every Saturday at Bigsby's on 6th Street from 8-10pm. Please come out!

The Artist Colony ends after a year each at Antone's and Ruta Maya. Thanks to all the artists and all the folks who admired, encouraged, and supported our artists!!!

Okay, here's the first new release for me in a couple of years now. Please come to the party and pick up a copy here or at an Austin record store. The CD was recorded at the weekly Antone's gig last year and features Kevin Carroll, Hunt Sales, Scott Garber, and Dave Appel.

Just got over a nasty 'bout of viral pneumonia and spent Christmas in the hospital. Happy New Year, I don't smoke any more...

Beware the black ice!!! I'm 'lucky to be alive' say the State Trooper AND the wrecker driver...


What Happened? Here's the short version:
On the morning of February 1st, 2002, I was on my way from a solo show in Sacramento, CA to Portland, OR when I hit an unexpected patch of "black ice." My van slid into the median, rolling 3 times. Fortunately, it landed on its wheels and my only injuries were a concussion and dislocated shoulder. Wear your seatbelt, okay?
I was informed by both the tow truck driver and CHP officer that in their experience, 90% of the wrecks like mine required "removing bodies." I had neither medical nor full-coverage insurance, so I lost most everything but my clothes, and I refused an offer to call EMS to the scene.
I'm recovering well after about 2 months of sleeping off the concussion 18-hours-a-day, and little by little financially. I hope to be touring again by the end of Summer 2002 - we'll see how it goes. Big thanks to all of you who have been supportive and have offered your help, as well as to Julian Hensley at Tacoma Guitars, who recently replaced my favorite acoustic guitar ever, and repaired my 2nd favorite. People can be pretty cool.